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Our comprehensive 5-year program allows resident physicians to master and demonstrate the knowledge, surgical skills, and behaviors necessary to excel as autonomous Orthopedic Surgeons.


Early surgical exposure and acute management of orthopedic emergencies are the foundations of the early years. As you progress, you'll benefit from our blended mentorship and resident-directed model with excellent graduated autonomy - learning to manage complex cases and gain mastery of surgical procedures from arthroplasty, arthroscopy, trauma, subspecialty cases and more.

Residents learn with daily integrated in-person and online faculty supported didactics, weekly journal club, and benefit from following the OrthoBullets 360 curriculum. As part of Michigan State University Statewide Campus System, residents meet for monthly Grand Rounds with nationally renowned speakers and collaborate with other area programs.


We offer opportunities to join ongoing longitudinal research projects or begin with an original idea while being supported by a full time research department.


Dedicated orthopedic sim lab with 24/7 access to resources to build your basic surgical skills and practice arthroscopy, total joints, trauma and other procedures.

Image by Tim Cooper
Image by Piron Guillaume


Junior residents perform gross anatomy dissections and surgical approaches under the guidance of senior residents. Attendings and senior residents contribute with relevant discussion and procedure demonstrations.

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