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Foundations in Orthopedics. A year of transition.

The first year is dedicated to getting you accustomed to what it means to be an orthopedic resident. While you get 7 months of orthopedics in your first year, the importance of expanding your knowledge of medicine is not overlooked. An effective surgeon must be a competent physician first. Starting residency is a major change for you and your family. Orientation with other first year residents and early activities within the residency aim to make you feel part of our community right away. 

Services covered include:

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Surgical Intensive Care 

  • Vascular Surgery 

  • Orthopedic Spine Surgery 

  • Musculoskeletal Radiology 

  • Anesthesiology (2 weeks)

  • Rheumatology (2 weeks)

  • Six 1-month blocks of General Orthopedics


I was under the impression that buying my first house and moving across the country from Missouri would be extremely difficult, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. My wife and I were able to see many houses within our price range and found one we loved in a quiet family friendly neighborhood in just three days. Housing is also very affordable in this area. We were able to find a 4 bedroom house with a nice sized yard on a resident’s salary. 

My wife was also able to find a job as a nurse within the first month of moving here. We are also expecting our first baby and we have heard great things about daycare options in the area. Overall, moving to any new place and starting residency will be an adjustment, but this location has been affordable and we have always felt safe. Grand Blanc is a great location to move to with a family.

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